This might be a surprise to some, but I actually loves food. I’m just hardly ever hungry and because of that I don’t eat very often or appears into food.
Anyway, yesterday I went to a International Food Market and everything just looked so good! And it smelled super delicious too.
Crêpes, Paella, French stews, French pastries, and Dutch cheeses. Well among others.
In the end I chosed the Crocodile burger from the Australian stand, which was super delicious, and British fudge. Yummy.

♥ Caroline

Review: Doon by Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon


One of the booktubers I follow recommended Doon to her viewers, and when she described it I got interested. Like really interested, I went home and order it immediately. It was something about a secret kingdom in Scotland that really caught my liking and I was so excited to read it. So no need to explain it was a couple of really though weeks while waiting for it to arrive. (more…)

Tsum Tsum -My favourite go-to tsums

Tsum_Tsum_logoSo much time i spends playing Tsum Tsum there’s no wonder I have gained a few favorite under this last year since I first began playing it. Now it’s time to present them to the world, in the order that I first meet them (plus two specials).

There have been three tsums that’s been my ultimate guys to play with (when there isn’t some task or something like that).
*Rapunzel – This gal was my first ultimate tsum, I used her all the time since her ability to connect to connect a long chain of tsums to clear a few Bingo missions. It was also perfect for racking up scores and coins.
*Ariel – Then came Ariel and for about a whole year she was my go to tsum. She’s the only tsum I’ve raised to level 50 (the currently highest tsum level), since she was the only one I was interesting to invest coins into. Thanks to her I got over 2 million points!
*Bridal Rapunzel – Since she was introduced back in July she’s the one I’ve been constantly plying with. Like she’s awesome! Just the other week I managed to gain over 4,7 million(!) points with her. ♥

But that was just three, and there’s two more on the photo so what about them? Well that I will explain now.
The three above is the ones I uses all the time when playing, but sometimes there’s tasks where I need to use other tsums. Most I only use for some specific task but here’s two I uses more than any others and I thought that they deserved some recognition.
**Thumper and Miss Bunny – Suitable isn’t it, the other two’s also happens to be love birds ♥
But for real these two are just fantastic. With Thumper I can activate his skills around 10-12 times a play (record is 15) and Miss Bunny produces bubbles, but not only regular bubbles but also Item bubbles!

♥ Caroline

Review: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

imageSix of Crows is set in the same world as Bardugo’s Grisha trilogy and gives us another glimpse into this magical and often brutal place. This time the background is Ketterdam, a busy harbor town  with criminality around every corner. One is the criminal genius Kaz Brekker, and he’s just gotten the biggest heist ever. Now all he need is some people to help him….

Well, the story is all over the place and there wasn’t a character I really connected with and cared about. Nina was way to obesedd with Matthias, a man who’s work is to murder grishas (which she is). Talk about liking to playing with the fire. The part they tries to get him out of prison though was kind of amusing. Only the spy Inej made me excited to read about what happens to her in this crazy heist. Also about the heist, it took forever to happen and when it finally happen it wasn’t as magnificent as I had hopped for, which was a shame.

But overall a pretty okay story, well the ending was nothing to cheer about, but as with my experience with the Grisha trilogy it wasn’t until the third book I really came to love the story. So there’s still time for these guys to make a better relationship with me.

♥ Caroline

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