Review: Get Even by Gretchen McNeil


Gretchen McNeil is on the fast track to become on of my favorite authors. First it was the stunning Ten and it’s Get Even. Both book are so incredible well written, and exciting, and both managed to hold me on the edge right onto the last page.

Get Even has this Pretty Little Liars feeling to it, well at least it had in the beginning. Four girls which doesn’t really have things in common, expect for one thing. In these girls case it’s the quest to get revenge on the bullies in the school who attack the less fortunate ones. But the bullied has a friend in the secret club Don’t Get Mad. The point of the club is to take revenge in the name of the people who can’t do it themselves. Also it’s a way to say F you the horrible principles and his bullies who rules the school in terror.

I liked the character and the plot, but there’s one really irritating thing. When I finished I didn’t get to know who was out to sabotage DGM. Since Ten had been a stand alone book I just thought that Get Even was that to. But nope, it’s the first book in a duology. *Sigh*. I’m happy there will be one more book with this gang, but I just really wanted to know who the murder was right now!

♥ Caroline

Journey to me #4: No longer putting my head in the sand

One thing I used to do was literally throwing my phone under the pillows whenever I had wrote a message or email about something important. It was like as long as I didn’t read the answer I could live happily unknowing, and the longer i dragged it out the longer I could technically be happy in case it response was something bad. And thinking like I did back then it was sure to be that. Because hey I’m Caroline and nothing is good my life.

Now this didn’t just apply to sending messages, it applied to everything. Like whenever I had to get feedback for school work I’d rather read the grade/comment online than having a face to face talk about it and how I did. I think that had something to with my feelings taking over, and if it wasn’t a positive response I would start cry. And then it was better to do it in the comfort of my own room than in front of the teacher, or in some cases the entire class. Because then I would be embarrassed and making everyone around me uncomfortable.

But this happen at home to: I would drag out things like asking my brother to pick out a package for me att the postal office, until the last minute because I didn’t wanted to bother him or facing an rejection. Or that I always did things like eat or go on the toilet when no one else was around so that I didn’t was in the way.

But, I have to live my life and slowly a little step at a time I start to reshape this thinking. Now I asks my brother rather casually if he can picks them up for, because I’m not afraid that I’m bothering him or that I’m the useless little sister. Or whenever I’m gonna take book photos for this blog, I don’t sneak out when no ones around for the risk of being judged of asked what the hell I’m doing. Nowadays I just goes out takes then whenever I feels like it.
Afterwards it feels like a big victory, and I know that for a lot of people that’s nothing. But for me these are huge progresses and I’m finally able to cheer my self on for achieving even the tiniest of things, because I’ve done then instead of just bury my head in the sand.

♥ Caroline

Review: Doon by Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon


One of the booktubers I follow recommended Doon to her viewers, and when she described it I got interested. Like really interested, I went home and order it immediately. It was something about a secret kingdom in Scotland that really caught my liking and I was so excited to read it. So no need to explain it was a couple of really though weeks while waiting for it to arrive. [Read more…]

Tsum Tsum -My favourite go-to tsums

Tsum_Tsum_logoSo much time i spends playing Tsum Tsum there’s no wonder I have gained a few favorite under this last year since I first began playing it. Now it’s time to present them to the world, in the order that I first meet them (plus two specials).

There have been three tsums that’s been my ultimate guys to play with (when there isn’t some task or something like that).
*Rapunzel – This gal was my first ultimate tsum, I used her all the time since her ability to connect to connect a long chain of tsums to clear a few Bingo missions. It was also perfect for racking up scores and coins.
*Ariel – Then came Ariel and for about a whole year she was my go to tsum. She’s the only tsum I’ve raised to level 50 (the currently highest tsum level), since she was the only one I was interesting to invest coins into. Thanks to her I got over 2 million points!
*Bridal Rapunzel – Since she was introduced back in July she’s the one I’ve been constantly plying with. Like she’s awesome! Just the other week I managed to gain over 4,7 million(!) points with her. ♥

But that was just three, and there’s two more on the photo so what about them? Well that I will explain now.
The three above is the ones I uses all the time when playing, but sometimes there’s tasks where I need to use other tsums. Most I only use for some specific task but here’s two I uses more than any others and I thought that they deserved some recognition.
**Thumper and Miss Bunny – Suitable isn’t it, the other two’s also happens to be love birds ♥
But for real these two are just fantastic. With Thumper I can activate his skills around 10-12 times a play (record is 15) and Miss Bunny produces bubbles, but not only regular bubbles but also Item bubbles!

♥ Caroline