Dirt roads + lipstick = disaster

I live out on the country side and it’s nice a lot of the time. I can walk around thinking without having to meet a lot of other people and no one can look inside your room by simply looking out theirs, like in the town.

But living on the country side also means dirt roads, which are bumpy and really shake to travel on (don’t get me started on the holes in the roads…). So not ideal for putting on make-up or other highly precise activities.

But because I live outside the town and I have to take a 40 min bus to get to the city where my school is I have to get up really early most days. So when it’s 5:45am and the bed just feels so perfect you doesn’t want to get up to put on make-up. So a lot of the time I stay in bed until about a quarter before I have to go, often leaving me with no time to put it on (other things have priority).

Meaning a lot of the time I have to put on make-up in the car, while travelling on the dirt road. It’s not superhard with some of the make up, for example so am I now a master of putting on my mascara without poking out an eye (pause for applause). But the biggest issue is to apply lipstick, especially red lipstick (and as you guys know most of my lipsticks are red). It’s so bad because if it comes outside of your mouth you will have that reddish tone three for the rest of the day, no matter how hard you try to wash it away. And don’t get me started on trying to get the Cupid’s bow just right, it’s a nightmare. I learned this last week while trying to put it on in the  at since I was running late. I could only take most of the lower lip leaving some smeared off onto my upper lip. It looked like I was bleeding from my lower lip…

Anyone else who sometimes has to put on make-up while on the go?

♥ Caroline

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