Feeling comfortable in your clothes

IMG_6907Like the rest of my appearance it took some years to find a style that I both liked and felt comfortable in. I tried to dress like everyone else not to stick out, but a lot of the time I didn’t feel comfortable and it showed.

Slowly over time I’ve started to ignore what other likes and only go for those clothes that I like, and actually can see myself wear.
Like a thing that now resident in my wardrobe is shorts, until about a year ago I had never own a pair of short. Well not since i was a little kid, and has these cotton shorts at home.
Another thing I’ve come to discover is that when it comes to pants, I need to have high waist. Normal waist doesn’t work for me, they always glides down (even when I have a belt in them) and they are just unconformable. But since going over to High waist I feel more confident, as they shows of my slim belly and works great with crop tops they’re a win for me.

Yes, I have a soft spot from crop tops, and dresses. The last one may not be super practical and that I have to remind myself whenever I shop. I will use some pretty tops a lot more than a dress. But I still have a nice collection of different dresses for when time will require them.

My everyday style is mostly jeans, a romatic-ish top/crop top, and converse/flats.

♥ Caroline