Inside my treasure chest: Favorites

SDC10469I have a lot of jewelry, but among the lot there’s just some pieces that I love more than the others.
Here is a list of my current favorite jewelry and where you can find them too.

Let’s start with my precious pieces from the fabulous Cheap Frills. Like about 60% of my jewelry the last years comes from this gal. They are sophisticated and pretty while also affordable.
In the picture above things from this shop is:
*The very pretty and dainty ‘C’ necklace in sterling silver. It’s an everyday wear for me and since I’ve always wanted a letter necklace finally is satisfierad makes it even better.
*The Mood ring and Mood necklace. I know mod jewelry doesn’t really work but these are just so pretty that I couldn’t resist getting them.
*Lastly this time we have the very pretty Sterling Silver Princess ring with a champagne stone. This is a real gem in my collection and one of my most treasured pieces. This one was actually out of stock when I order it but the owner Georgia was kind enough to make this one for me ♥.

Next we have the sterling silver Cherry earrings from Rock’a’frilly. These are just so cute and perfect for a Cinnamon Princess like me. I also have  another pair of earrings from this shop which is just as cute, it’s these small padlocks with a heart keyhole. Aw.

Third up we have from the creepy cute shop Creep Hearts the oh so adorable Kitty Cupcake and Teacup earrings. This pair is from second newest collecting called ‘Creep treats’ (every piece is just as cute as these but one can not just lay money on jewelry). Previously I’ve brought a brooch, and three prints to put on my wall (still not up there, but I’m working on getting the perfect matching frames…) and they are just as amazing so no surprise there.

The very realistic flower ring is a true love for me. It just look so real it’s fascinating. Previously I had order a pair of just as pretty lilac earrings, and as this had gone as smooth as a baby bottom I bought the ring a while later. But this time it was not shipped so it took opening a case with both Etsy and Paypal to either receive a refund or the actual item. In the end I got a ring but because of the horrible ordeal surrounding the ring and the fact that the shop no longer exist I will not mention them.

That was all for this time, stay cute my friends.

♥ Caroline