Let’s get organized

imageFor many years I had all of my make-up in an old ice cream plastic jar. Not the most glamorous or pretty thing to have it in but it prevented my make-up from laying all over the bathroom. Before all my make-up laid everywhere and it was like going on a scavenger hunt at 6am to find what I needed. Sure, having all in that jar also meant a 6am scavenger hunt for my mascara but at least now I knew that it would be in there, so I just had to keep digging.

Then, about a month ago I saw this make-up Organizer online and since it didn’t cost a fortune (summer sale) I got it.
It was a really nice Organizer if I can say so myself. It was robust sand very practical with a lot of different places to put my make-up in. Now every time I look at it my make-up looks happy since they no longer has to lay all over each other anymore (well if make-up could look happy I should point out).
It’s so much easier now to get exactly what I want without having to waste any time on digging it up first. Plus it fits just perfectly by the side of the sink where the old jar used to sit.
Also, when my brother saw it he said “It looks like one of those fancy make-up counters”. That’s a good thing I think.

♥ Caroline

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