NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Paint these lips red

SDC10475I have this thing for red lips, it just suits my coloring the best. With my pale skin, eyes and hair I was sure that Pink would suit me best, but it just makes me look weird. And a whole lot paler. But the Red just gives the rest of my face a nice touch, kind of like a blonde Snow White. It doesn’t matter what kind of shade of red it is, everything goes as long as it is in the red pigmentet spectrum. So there’s no surprise basically all my lip product are red (even my lip balm has a tiny bit of red tint).

As a way to get a bigger diversity I just bought two new lipsticks, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. Why liquid lipstick? Well about two month ago I bought a NYX liquid lipstick, this from their Suede line. The formula was so amazing, and even though the shade wasn’t a red one it looked really nice on me (Soft Spoken it’s called, a nice nude). So I went back to buy another ones but all the red colors was out of stock. So when I saw the Soft Matte lippies that had these two red shades that basically looked the same as the one from the Suede line I was after, I bought them.

Both colors are really stunning. The bright red one, called Monte Carlo, is so bright but luckily it didn’t make me look like a living traffic light. The second one, by the name of Copenhagen, is a darker red that goes towards purple. The dark one will be perfect for fall (and kind of the rest of the year since I prefer darker colors on my lips).
So far so good, but there’s just this one thing. Both of these seems kind of thick and every time I take up the brush/sponge thing-y (what are those called, the applicator at liquid lipsticks and lipglosses??) it’s this clump of product. It’s not hard or seems old, and it goes on pretty smoothly on the lips. But i just don’t look quite right, especially not when compared to my Suede Liquid Lipstick. Is everyone’s else Matte liquid lipsticks like this or is it something wonky with mine, especially since since both of them are like that.
If you have an answer just comment below so that I can sleep calmy tonight, or trying to figure out a way to fix them. Well it all depends on the answers…

♥ Caroline