Cover challenge: Hardback VS Paperback

I love pretty things, and book covers are no exception. So many times I’ve been debating with myself over buying a bad book just for the pretty cover.
Most of the time the cover stays the same for both the Hardback and the paperback, so no matter which one you buy you’ll get the same cover. As a student, the paperbacks is often the one I get.
But the real struggle comes when the hardback and the paperback has different covers, and the Hardback is way prettier. Yeah, I know it’s the same book on the inside but it’s hard buying a book when you don’t like the cover
So today I’m gonna do a little more fun and casual little challenge where I pitch the Hardback vs Paperback covers against each other.

hardvspap2My Lady Jane

Hardback vs Paperback: Paperback

Why? The paperback’s painting feeling, connections to the story and color palett is far more interesting cover than just a random girl dressed for a Tudor time role play. The Hardback cover is just plain boring, so the paperback wins a landslide here.



hardvspap1Teardrop (Lauren Kate)

Hardback vs Paperback: Hardback

Why? Here has the table been turned.
While the paperback sure is elegant in a minimalist way, but against the color palett and details on the hardback it stands helpless.
Sorry paperback, but that girl and that dress are amazing.



hardvspap3Three Dark Crowns

Hardback vs Paperback: Paperback

Why? While there’s nothing wrong with the Hardback cover, but the paperback cover comes in three different versions. One for each of the three queen contestants and here I have to award the choice the paperback gives the reader.



hardvspap4The Unexpected Everything

Hardback vs Paperback: Both

Why? Because both covers are super cute, full of dogs and I just can’t chose between them. Sorry.




♥ Caroline


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