Review: A Week of Mondays by Jessica Brody

image-7-e1475157675256-1024x768“I can’t help to feel like they’re staring at me, too. Judging me.
Deeming me not good enough. Not pretty enough. Not cool enough.

And to be honest, sometimes I wonder if they’re right.” – Ellison Sparks, A Week of Mondays

Oh my god, this was such a incredible cute, yet very realistic book. Or as much realism as a book about repeating the same day can contain. Anyway, I LOVE everything with this story.
Ellison is one of the best balanced YA character I’ve seen in ages. Well, perhaps I like her so much since sh’es feels a lot like myself. She’s a shy girl who has only one friend, who’s slightly overachieving to live up to everyone’s expectations and being the perfect essentially. But over the course of the seven Mondays she discovers who she really is, and who she wants to be. Not the person it feels everyone else think she should be.

This is one of the things many other contemporary young adult novels lacks, is the main characters intelligent to constantly striving to be the better person. Every day Ellie wakes up she tries to find the reason she’s still stuck in the time loop. What’s essentially the main thing she needs to put right? The character development she goes through is amazing, and as someone who’s had a similar journey I wish I could have relived a single day until I got things right, and not 10 years of my life until I came to the same spot that Ellie end at there on the seventh Monday.

Like if it’s one thing I regret and wish I could do all over again, it’s that I didn’t spent my teenage years doing more exciting things. Or just things I would have love to do. But as of today, I constantly feel like I never done anything or gone anywhere, that I’m super boring and there’s no wonder that I don’t have more friends.
On the topic of few friends, like myself it’s nice to see a shy girl who only has one friend. Nothing is more infuriating than the unpopular and shy girl who still somehow has tons of friends, at least to me.

All of the characters are very well crafted. Like Ellies “bad” rock star boyfriend is a shitty person, but never in the way that makes me want to punch him in the face. Then there’s also Ellie’s best friend Owen, who I loved from his first introduction in the story. He’s just this kind of boy that I’ve always had a soft spot for. The caring and sweet guy, that would go over mountains if you needed them and who’s always there for you. He knows you better than anyone else and always has your back. Seriously, I wish that I could just drag him out from the pages and into the real world. I need a friend like him, and maybe he could become something more (he actually reminds me a lot of my old friend who I had a crush on)…
Let’s just say that the ending was right up my alley.

The dialogue is snappy and very witty, I sat and smiled while reading it and at some points I even giggled. I also had to stop a lot of times to write down quotes, something that I can tell you isn’t a normal behavior.
Everything in this book was spot on for me. Now, can i please, PLEASE switch places with Ellie??

“No. I was afraid. […] Of my life. Of facing it. Of being me. The same old stupid me, day after day.”

♥ Caroline