Review: Alena by Kim W. Andersson

I don’t read a lot of comic books, or even manga for that matter. I like to imagine my own images from what I read, not somebody else’s interpretation. But I have been trying for read books outside what I usual read and some of the things I try out is reading comic books.

It’s not Marvel or DC comic books, I watch the movies and that’s good enough for me. If I’m getting into the comics and the million different lore they contain my head will hurt really bad.
No the comic books I have been tried out is Tamara Drewe by Posy Simmonds (review might come eventually) and of course this one, Alena by Swedish author Kim W. Andersson.

Alena is a horror story about Alena, a freak in her new fancy school who’s only friend is Josefin. So when bad things begins to happen to those who has been cruel to Alena the obvious answer is that it is Josefin that’s behind it all. Only problem is, Josefins been dead for a year. So who’s the murderer and can Alena stop them before everyone around her dies?

Well, the story was interesting even if it’s painfully obvious who actually is the killer. Well, for me if wasn’t really any doubt who could have done it. But it was still a nice read. But a thing that was hard for me to stand was the way it was drawn. For to me, everyone looks pretty ugly and I’n not a fan of his draw style. Sadly this fact made the whole experience not so much fun it could otherwise have been.

♥ Caroline