Review: Dangerous Girls by Abigail Hobbs

SDC10517If you thought Pretty Little Liars was a thrilling story about secrets you have seen nothing yet.
Read Dangerous Girls and you will get your mind blown.

I win“, two words that changed everything.
Oh my, my mind is blown. What did just happen in this book? All I know is that at one moment the book was a really hard story to read. But a life in a foreign prison isn’t a happy experience, but I swear my faith in humanity wasn’t even this badly hurt when I read Orange is the new black…  I think it was because the characters was so well written that everything felt super real, giving the reader (aka me) equally super real feelings.
The feelings just bleed from the page and you have to be a stone not be affected by them, they just overpower you. It’s pretty overwhelming, so after reading this I was just exhausted and hadn’t any energy left to do anything else.

Most comes from our main character Anna whose best friend Elise was killed in the house that the friends along side some other friends spends their spring break. But when Elises body is found Anna is left to fend for her life since she doesn’t have the money the other’s have. Without money for protection the investigator Judge Dekker decides that Anna is the guilty one and goes to any lengths to prove he’s right, even if it means putting a fragile girl in a foreign jail where she’s abused by the other inmates, as well as the media. It’s these parts that makes my tummy hurt, how the media takes everything and turns Anna into this horrible person and nothing she can do can change it. Everyone just hates of her and goes on about their ‘professional opinions’ while the know nothing about the truth.
This shows how we tiny we really are without either money or power.

Has you read this one? In that case I would love to hear your thought on the plot twist. My sister was baffled by it, and she doesn’t like books but this one she couldn’t stop reading.

♥ Caroline