Review: Destination India by Katy Colins

SDC10523Lonely Heart Travel Club is a series where I read the first book and just felt Give me more books with Georgia! Luckily for me I didn’t have to wait a whole year for the sequel, and just like the successor the book was read in one nice sitting.

These days Georgia co-owns a Travel business with her crush Ben, which could seem like a awesome idea but in reality it’s brutal. Every day she spends way to much time trying to see if he returns her feelings (something I now about way to well). So when their India tours get a couple of bad reviews it’s a chance to change the scenery while going to the rock bottom of the problem. Finally in India Georgia realizes that sometimes it’s the place that takes control over you and not the other way round.

Of course there’s a lot of misunderstandings and random situations that throws themselves at Georgia, just like in Thailand and for Becky Bloomwood. But when some of them seemed like a little to much in the previous book here basically every situation actually feels realistic. This may have something to do with the this is the authors second book and she’s starting to get more comfortable with writing.

I liked Georgia already in the first book, but here she grows on me even more and I can’t help to get invested in what’s happening to her and what she feels. Plus since I’ve been in a similar situation like the one she has with Ben it makes me feel even more connected to her. I also like Ben, but there was some parts that made me thinking ‘What the hell man?!’. But mostly it came down to bad communication and jealousy which was a nice ending. For a minute there I was ready to smack Ben in his handsome face. I really just wanted Georgia to get a nice guy that truly loves her, if for nothing else than to give myself some hope.

Now I’m pumped for Destination: Chile and after that I will have to wait for the next installment *sigh*.

♥ Caroline