Review: Destination Thailand by Katy Colins

imageThe world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page

Reading is like traveling, from the comfort of your own room. It can even take you to places reality can not. Like Middle earth and Hogwarts. But it can also take you to real places you may never visit but thanks to the books you will experience them anyways.

Would you like to read a book that combines travel and Becky Bloomwood? Well then you have to read Katy Colins The Lonely Hearts Travel Club, because it’s spot on. After Georgia get dumped by her fiance a little while before their wedding her life falls apart, add getting fired and she’s on the highway to depression. In an effort to heal her broken heart and to find herself again she joins a team trip to Thailand. She tries to take it all in with open arms but it seems like everything she does just proves that she’s a complete failure. At least until she finds a group of people in a similar situation and that becomes the start of her new life. This is inspired by the author Katy Colins real life experiences, giving Georgias feelings more depths.

The whole nature of Georgias mishaps is very Becky Bloomwood-ish, and even though some of them is a little bit ridiculous I couldn’t help but to cheer for this girl. There’s something about her that I can relate to and that makes me hope this will get better for her. If only so that perhaps my own life might get better…
It didn’t was like I had expected it, I’ve imagined more scenery of Thailand. But in the middle it kind of just stays on the same spot the whole time only to turn into a Formula 1 race near the end. It’s a nice story but I hope that some parts will inprove in the next installment, Destinaton: India, as we now know Georgia and the whole backstory so that story can focus more on well the story.

♥ Caroline