Review: Doon by Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon


One of the booktubers I follow recommended Doon to her viewers, and when she described it I got interested. Like really interested, I went home and order it immediately. It was something about a secret kingdom in Scotland that really caught my liking and I was so excited to read it. So no need to explain it was a couple of really though weeks while waiting for it to arrive.

But the problem about waiting for something you really want to read is that for every day that passes the expectations get’s higher and higher. Making it more of a chance to become disappointed in the end if the book didn’t turned out as good as expected and you had spent so much time waiting for it. It just makes the whole wait worthless in a way.

With this in mind I don’t know if this is the major reason that I didn’t like the book very much, or if it’s just isn’t my taste. Or if perhaps I just wasn’t in the right mood. But whatever the reason is I just couldn’t get into the story in the way I wanted to. I don’t even know if I liked, the dreamer, Veronica or Kenna, the logical girl, best. I guess I’m leaning more towards Kenna but there wasn’t really so much in there that made me really like any of them.
While on this note I want to share on thing that really bothered me so frickin much, wanna know? Well both of them are described as really beautiful girls. With long shiny hair, amazing eyes, perfect bodies, and flawless skin the sounds like goddesses. But you know what, both goes on with the whole ‘Urgh, I’m sooo ugly! My skin is so terrible and my hair is such a mess!’. Sure, anyone can have body complex and feel insecure about parts of themselves. But when the authors puts so much effort into point out that both of these girls are absolutely stunning it feels kinda like a middle finger to the rest of use that looks like ‘normal’ people. Like you have no right to complain about your appearance to that degree. The can complain all they want about how boring the world they live in is and dreaming about something better, but just let the other be. Okay?

So neither of the main characters did anything for me, like I didn’t cheered for any of them. They could have disappear for all that I cared and I wouldn’t miss them at all.
On another note I really loved the kingdom of Doon. It’s a magical kingdom where everyone is superkind and is just like the world outside, while still containing all of the fairy tale elements. This is thanks to the magical portal that makes them keep up-to-date with the latest technology, and their food made my tummy to rumble. Everything just sounds so delicious!
So I love Doon, but the book… not so much.

♥ Caroline

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