Review: Echos from Afar by Tamara McKinley

imageMcKinleys books set in Australia has always been something to look forward to. I have especially two books that I just love and have re-read many times, Ocean Child and Savannah Winds.
So even though Echos from Afar wasn’t set in Australia like her other books I was still super excited. The last book i read from her, Firestorm, wasn’t a hit for me so perhaps a change of scenery would change that.

But… Now it wasn’t that bad, it just wasn’t an interesting or engaging story. At least not to me. The story follows two women during different eras, Annabelle and later her daughter Eugenie.
One thing I liked was that all of the events happen in chronologically order. So no jumping back and fourth like some other books does, which is a big star in corner for me.
At the beginning the love story between good hearted nurse Annabelle and artist Henri was a very sweet story that was so simple that I couldn’t help to love the couple. The story continued with the two serving in the Spanish civil war, Annabelle as a nurse and Henri in the forces. The story could have ended here on the battlefield.

But instead it continued with Eugenie, whos part was so uninteresting and all of the ‘secret’ thing was way to obvious. No fun for me as the reader that I already know everything that happen and the BIG plot point. Why couldn’t I just had gotten a full story that better developed Annabelle and Henris relationship instead of just rushing though it?

Has you read any of Tamara McKinley books? In that case, which’s your favorite?

♥ Caroline

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