Review: Fairest by Marissa Meyer

SDC10493Something I really hate is when a genuine evil person gets a soppy backstory that somehow makes up for all the horrible things they done. Sure, most mean people has been through some kind of trauma that makes them act bad towards others. Like the bullied often becomes a bully themselves. But some people are just pure evil and it’s as simple as that. But where on the spectrum do we find Queen Levana?

Well, the Queen of Luna is bad but she wasn’t born that way. She’s just an product of her surroundings. Cause while reading about Levanas early life it becomes very clear that a hard life made her turn cruel and mean. I doesn’t make me say that she’s the right part in this series but it did give me some sympathy and a better understanding of her.

She was constantly bullied by her older sister Channary, who also caused the source of Levanas perfection anxiety. Ever since the fire accident when she was young Levanas appearance had been destroyed which causes her to very insecure and constantly uses glamour to cover up the ugly one she actually is. This may or may not be the intention but  for me this felt like something a lot of girls go through. If you’ve been bullied, was ‘ugly’ when younger or anything else bad that can live within one even after the duckling becomes a swan. For many years I was convinced people didn’t even say ‘Hello’ to me just because I was so ugly it scared them off. Even though I now better now the look insecurity still is there underneath.

Some parts, especially in the early days, made me cry since I recognized the feelings far to much. Levanas story is very tragic and I can so well understand why she turned into the big bad queen. After been treated bad for many years you can chose two ways, either your experiences makes you kind and understands your fellow humans better. Or you can become a person who only force of drive is to revenge. Some days the last option seems lie the easiest, but to constantly trying to strive for harmony. Levana sadly choosed the easy way but every day I debate if I should follow suit, because what do I gain from being kind my whole life? Well bullied for most of my school days and a really bad self confidence. But I don’t think that I ever will be as bad a Levana, or so I just could hope…

♥ Caroline