Review: Get Even by Gretchen McNeil


Gretchen McNeil is on the fast track to become on of my favorite authors. First it was the stunning Ten and it’s Get Even. Both book are so incredible well written, and exciting, and both managed to hold me on the edge right onto the last page.

Get Even has this Pretty Little Liars feeling to it, well at least it had in the beginning. Four girls which doesn’t really have things in common, expect for one thing. In these girls case it’s the quest to get revenge on the bullies in the school who attack the less fortunate ones. But the bullied has a friend in the secret club Don’t Get Mad. The point of the club is to take revenge in the name of the people who can’t do it themselves. Also it’s a way to say F you the horrible principles and his bullies who rules the school in terror.

I liked the character and the plot, but there’s one really irritating thing. When I finished I didn’t get to know who was out to sabotage DGM. Since Ten had been a stand alone book I just thought that Get Even was that to. But nope, it’s the first book in a duology. *Sigh*. I’m happy there will be one more book with this gang, but I just really wanted to know who the murder was right now!

♥ Caroline