Review: One by Sarah Crossan

SDC10520I have never read anything by Sarah Crossan before, I haven’t even heard of her before. But when I read the premise of the book on the publishers website it sounded so interesting I needed to read it. But with no idea what to expect of it.

So when I opened it and discovered that the whole book was written almost like poetry (these long lines, diagonal-ish meaning that could be on two or three different rows). At that moment it just felt like “Oh no, this not gonna end well”, since it just seemed so strange with the whole way the book was written. How was I’m able to actually get into this story if I can’t stand to read through it. How will I ever get close to the characters if the story wont provide me with deep details about them?

In the end, it turns out that my initial fear wasn’t worth the time it took to think about it.
Because the ‘simple’ way made it actually easy for me to get into the story, especially now when I’m recovering from a huge reading slump. So there was no problem to get close to the Siamese twins Grace and Tippi.
We get to follow them through their life and turmoils, from going to a public school for the first time in their life to something a lot more serious. It focus very much on being two separate individuals, even if they are attached to each other. I actual came to love Grace (the one we get to follow more in detail), and really got involved in understanding her feelings and thoughts.

It’s  really nice story, but the end… Oh my… It made me cry like a river, or more like a waterfall really. I haven’t expected to get so strong feelings from this book so the act of surprise helped make it even worse.
This book is one I would recommend to anyone, no matter if you’re a casual reader or one that prefers ‘advanced and hard’ books. This book gets at big thumb up from me and I look forward to read more from Sarah Crossan.

♥ Caroline
I got this book from the Swedish publisher B. Walströms in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts displayed in this review is my own and isn’t a paid promotion.

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