Review: P.S. I Like You by Kasie West

SDC10526Kasie Wests books are just so freaking cute, and super relatable. There’s supercute love-dovey stuff, but it’s written in this kind of way that doesn’t make me want to vomit, just usually wishing that I had that guy. Like what’s up with writing perfect guys that reality can never match? I swear that all these adorable guys in the books I’ve read have really screwed up my expectations on boys…

Anyways, in Kasie’s latest installment our main character is lovely Lily. Like I said in the beginning, she’s very relatable to me. For starters she only has one friend, her family is strange, she feels alone a lot and dreams about a boy she probably never will have. This might sound pretty general to you, but trust me, this is just a shorten description of her, to really get to know her you’ll have to read the book. Moving on to the plot, this love story is vandalizing school property, joking of course (well kind of).

During an extremely boring lesson Lily starts scribbling some lyrics down on her bench just to have something to do. To her surprise the following day someone has continued writing on her lyrics. This starts a friendship between Lily and the mysterious other person, and when it turns out that the secret someone actually is a guy the whole thing get’s more serious for Lily. She has to find out who this guy is!

One thing I really love with this story is that Lily gets to know this other guy, and falls for him for the person he is, not what he looks or anything like that. The safety these two finds in each other, to feel s secure with another person that you can tell them every dark secret and be the most true version of yourself you can possible be. It’s super sweet and I like it a lot.
Another thing that really stood out to me is the way that Lily think and how that clouds her judgement. How she reacts, experience, and feels makes things be in a way that fits into her way of thinking. It’s kind of eye opening and I had to sit down and just think about myself and how I see things after finishing this book.

♥ Caroline