Review: Rose under Fire by Elizabeth Wein

imageSo Code name Verity is one of my all times favorite book. Ever since I read it back then for the first time it left me wanting more. But at the time there wasn’t another one available in my country leading to a long hiatus before I read another book by Elizabeth Wein. When time come to it the choice stod between Rose under Fire, or Black Dove, White Raven. I decided on the first on since it takes place during WWII, same time period as Verity.

As it turns out, this book didn’t only take place during the same time as Verity. It’s basically a sequel to that book. Here we get to see how things got for Maddie and Jamie, which was a huge surprise for me. But a nice surprise non the less. But at the same time I was all “How did I not know that this was a sequel?”. Had I known that, this book would have been read so long ago.

Another thing that I hadn’t expected was how un-gruesome the story actually was. When the book take place in a concentration camp during the second world war, you’ll expect a lot of gory stuff. But for some reason the horrible scenes wasn’t so much in this book. Maybe the author tried to make the book more universal, by not including all of the awful things making even sensitive readers able to read it.
Wein focus more on the aspects of being human, and staying human during the worst times than the stories about the concentration camps that everyone basically already knows about.

Have you read Rose under Fire or Code name Verity? What did you think, tell me below 🙂

♥ Caroline

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