Review: Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys

imageThe two previous Ruta Sepetys books, Between Shades of Grey and Out of the Easy, left me competently over emotional. Like tears streaming down my face like floods. Turns put that Salt to the Sea is just like the others on that point. Like oh my, like I cried so much over the death that occurred in this.
I blame Ruta, because she made the characters like living beings out of flesh and blood that I couldn’t help to bond with. Especially a few persons death really brought on the tears.

Like with Between Shades of Grey Salt to the Sea introducerad me to a historic event completely unknown to me. For starters, I didn’t know that East Prussia existed past the first World War, less that reconnecting with East Prussia was one of Germany main reasons to invade Poland. Mind blown. Then we have main event in this book, the sinking of Wilhelm Gustloff in the Baltic Sea after been hit by three Russian missils. It was heart breaking to read about these people forced into their watery graves. Because just like in the more famous sinking of Titanic there wasn’t enough with life boats to rescue everyone. It’s just so cruel that a majority, of over 10 000 people only around 1200 people survive the sinking. If that wasn’t bad enough most people on board was war refuges fleeing the Baltics and East Prussia.

On a more postitive note I think I may just have found my new book crush. The dashing prince Florian, like the first he was introduced I was thinking to myself “Please, let him be a nice guy in the end!”. I didn’t need more dashing book guys turning out to be satan himself. I also loved brave and kind hearted  nurse Joana, and of course I shipped the two of them so hard.

Have you read Salt to the Sea yet, or is you excited to do it?

♥ Caroline

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