Review: Stars Above by Marissa Meyer

imageThe Lunar Chronicles is one of my favorite book series, and any new story from this universe is like a treat. It would give more depths to the characters and making me understand them better. Well, or so I thought when I began reading Stars Above…

Stars Above consists of 9 novellas, where five has never before been published. In these we get to know the backstory of basically everyone of our main characters: Scarlett, Cinder, Cress, Winter, Jace, Thorne, Kai and Wolf.
My favorites was Wolf’s, Thorne’s, and Cress’, since they gave me a nice backstory to these characters whose story wasn’t really explored in the main series. It was not a surprise to see that young Thorne was just as much of an ‘entrepreneur’ back then as now, but I hated the fact that he used the typical ‘ugly girl’ (somewhat chubby, smart with basically no friends) to solve his problems…

Since Winter never was my favorite character her and Jace novella wasn’t my favorite, and Kai’s was just super boring. It just told about the time he first meet Cinder from the first book, but now from his point of view. Yes, cue your enthusiasm. So about 5/9 stories didn’t move me at all, or caught my interest as expected.
So my complete opinion of this book is neutral, kind of 3/5, with the final novella saving it’s back a lot. Who wouldn’t like a Scarlett & Wolf wedding? I sure do, they’re my OTP in the series so I’m happy over that story.

♥ Caroline

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