Review: The Accident Season by Moïra Fowley-Doyle

  • SDC10528

Well that was a… strange read. Like really, really strange. I’m still here wondering what the hell happen most of the time in the book.

Everyone can have a bad day, but for Cara and her family they have a whole month. Every year the month of October is filled with accidents, every one more serious than the other. But after just standing in the dark Cara decides it’s time to discover why her family seems to be cursed every October, but some things might not be meant to be uncovered…

At the start it all made sense, even with the whole accident season thing that Cara and her family have, like it could just turn out to just be a mental state or something like that. Even when the story started to become more of a ghost story things still made somewhat sense. But in the end everything had been so turned inside out that I didnt know what to believe anymore. It was kind of how I imagined being on a drug trip feels like, expect for the sense of joy.

Like I NEED ANSWERS! What was reality and what was just Cara’s strange, and probably not completely healthy, mind. Was there really paranormal things gapping or is she’s just completely bonkers?

Also what’s up with every relation being so creepy? Not creepy in a scary way but more of in a uncomfortable-ish way. Like the relationship between Cara and her former step brother Sam. I know they’re not blood related but still, they were raised like siblings and her mother (his stepmother) is still his guardian…

have you read this bonker thing to book? Did you love or was just left scratching your head?

❤️ Caroline