Review: The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh


There has always been many to communicate to others: smoke signals, telegraphy et.c. But there’s one way that I haven’t heard about before I read this book, the Flower language. The Language of Flowers first came around during the Victorian era as way to secretly communicate with others.

All flowers means a different things, and it’s isn’t even as easy as to just give someone a rose and that’s it. Every different color of said flower has it own special meaning. Like a red rose means love but a yellow one symbols adultery. This isn’t gonna become a lesson in flowers, but I just wanted to point this out since the flower lexicon at the very end is so precious to me.

Well I just love this book so very much, it’s actually one of my favorites and one I’ve re-read a number of times over the years since I first got it. It portrays a rough and realistic depiction of life when you has nothing.
Our main character Victoria hasn’t had a easy life. She was abandoned as a newborn and ended up in the dreaded foster care system. Because of this she was forced to move from family to family, leaving her constantly feeling unloved and worthless. And the only time she actually feels like things might start to look up, everything ends up worse than ever before. After this she learns how to survive only using the hard way.
I can understand very well her suspicion to well meaning things, problem with social relationships and living with ghost that haunts her. If you have been constantly treated badly, especially by people who was suppose to make you feel better, you live with these feelings of guilt and not trusting anybody.

But even with this in mind and gives Victoria a green light only by the fact she had a tough life, it’s get harder to justify all of the shit she does throughout the story. At the start it was completely understandable, her suspicion and behavior. Because if the only person you ever could rely on is yourself it’s hard to start letting other people in. But when she turned her back to Renata (who had showed nothing but kindness, and even gave her a good job only based on Victoria knowledge with flowers) and opens her own flower shop that competes with Renatas, it’s a hard cookie to swallow. Come on Victoria, you just don’t do that!
Furthermore the fact that she denies all help, even those she she trust somewhat in, is just plain stupid. Because at that point she should know that all of these people on cares about her best, and really want to help her. Bad thoughts and feelings can make everything seem bad, but sometimes one just have to reach for someone else hand.

But the absolutely worst thing isn’t all of the bad ways she treats Renata and Renatas family, but how unbelievable selfish and stupid she acts towards Grant. Like, he doesn’t need this, he loves and really cares for her but Victoria only turns her back to him. Well only until her she reveals her secret by dumping it on his door step and then fleeing into the night, without even an apology or even a explanation.

So like I said in the beginning so is it harder to agree with Victoria choice the further we get in the story. Sometimes you just have to swallow ones pride and ask for help, but Victoria doesn’t seem to understand that until it’s basically hammered into her head. *sigh*

♥ Caroline