Review: The Last One by Alexandra Oliva

SDC10527I just love dystopian books, there’s just something about the whole a powerless hero/heroine who rises from the ashes and take down the bad system. Sadly, this is usually paired with the typical love triangle since it’s young adult books. “Grown up” dystopian has never really worked well with me, I read 1984 and I wanted to erase that from my brain forever (along with the headaches I gained while reading that).

The Last One is kind of a middle ground, it’s not really a young adult book but still contains the elements of one that makes me interested. Plus, here’s their no love triangle or any love-dovey stuff at all really. It’s truly a gritty apocalypse/survival story about a young woman and the things she goes through to stay alive.

Set during the filming of a new Reality Show. This show is all about pushing the contestants limits until they can’t take it anymore, it’s hardcore survival and only the toughest one will win the one million dollars. Zoos participation is for the cameras all about her wanting one last big adventure before starting a family with her husband, but the truth is more complicated than that. But sometime during her solo challenge something bad happens, but she just thinks it’s all part of the show…

We get one chapter with Zoo in present day, and the next one tells about the reality show and the other contestants. Basically everything that happens on the show and such before Zoo’s single adventure begins in chapter one. At first I wasn’t super overjoyed about this in the book, but soon it turned into something I kind of enjoyed. At some parts the flashbacks was actually more interesting than what Zoo currently went through.
This book really keeps the reader on suspense, there’s just so many questions that I had to patiently wait to get answered. Like, when will Zoo realize the truth, about what has happend and everything she’s done? How will she react? What will she do? Like I said, supense!

♥ Caroline