Review: The Potion Diaries by Amy Alward

SDC10482I don’t know if my depression has something to do with my reading slump, or if my reading slump (along side some other things in my life) helped my depression kind of come back. Either way not being able to read has been a really hard thing for me since the majority of things in my room are books. It feels kinda like if I had just on one single personality trait it would be ‘that book girl’. But so today I tried to read this one book I order ages ago called The Potion Diaries. Somehow I managed to get through it, but what did I think about it?

Well, I read its 340+ pages in about three hour which is impressing these days since it usually takes at least two sittings, at two separate days, to get through a book. That counts books I’ve been very pumped about on before hand, but when I just tries to read it my mind won’t get into it.
Now I don’t know really what age group this book is meant for, it has somewhat bigger text than my other young adult books so maybe its for the teenage demographic. Anyways the text along with a completely different writing style and plot than I’m used to helped me get through it. It also made me feel a little bit better, actually getting through a whole book! It’s not something I’ve felt very much of in the latest time.

The book is very uplifting and the message it sends is ‘never give up and fight for what you believe in’. Don’t be like everyone else, you have something really inside you and your talents may seem completely useless in today’s society but there will come the day when they will come handy. Well thanks, for that encourage Amy.
The whole premise sounded funny, that’s why I order from the start.

Princess Evelyn of Nova accidentally ingest the love potion meant for her crush leaving her madly in love with…herself. With this crisis the court advertises a hunt for the cure and the winner will forever be remembered in history. For young alchemist apprentice Samantha it’s a golden chance to keep the synth-potion wolves at bay and re-establish the old way with real ingredients. But as a underdog the way to victory is long and hard, but she won’t give up as long as there stil la chance she can win this hunt.

Thank you Amy for Samantha, a girl who can have a crush on a boy and not having the whole plot constantly overtaken by the relationship between Sam and Zain, sure he’s sweet and sounds like a really good looking guy. But it’s just so nice to have the plot actually fully focus on the hunt and all of the adventures Sam and her tracker Kristy is experiencing. So this book gets a thumbs up from me, but will I continue with the second installment coming later this month? Ehh…
Let’s just let a good book be, and not destroy it with a (from the info at Goodreads) book that won’t be in my taste.

Has you read this book? Want to read it? Do you ship Sam and Zain or are you more of a Evie & Zain shipper?

♥ Caroline