Review: The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

SDC10516Ever since I read Since You’ve Been last summer I just wanted more from Morgan Matson. Amy and Roger’s epic detour didn’t fit my taste but it didn’t lower my expectations of The Unexpected Everything. It’s also the only book I got for my birthday that I’ve actually get around to read since it was on the top on my to be read pile. But did it live up to my expectations?

Andies life may not have been an complete dance on roses, but she has never missed anything well except a dad that’s doesn’t work 24/7. But with all the benefits that comes with her senator dads job she will not complain. But when a scandal around her father breaks everything seems to be taken away from her, from her place at a medicine summer course and her entire future for University might be completely ruined. But the darkness shows the stars and now Andie get the chance to try a whole path of life. Sometimes losing your plan is the best thing that can happen.

Oh wow, it kind of feels like someone has spied on me because Andie feels a lot like me. Well I’m not a politicians daughter but the way her brain works and how she reacts and feels is so incredible relatable that it’s almost creepy. Almost. Like how in the beginning she is obsessed about being perfect, her and her CV alike, since no one would want her unless everything is sparkling perfect. Well she has wrong, but since I’ve lived with the same feelings I understand her, almost painfully so. For I began to cry at multiple times during the reading since the situations reminded me about stuff I’ve experienced.

But just like myself with the passing of time Andie realizes that somethings can’t be planed and you can plan out your entire life but when something throws it all out of course the world feels like it’s falling down. But from that rumble you can build something new, and you can make it so much better since you has learned so much along the way so perhaps this will be the chance you need to truly realize who you really are and not just who other thinks you are and should be. It is hard to start from scratch, especially if you spend many years trying for make the first plan so perfect and worked really hard to get all the gears in place, but then you were trying to be someone others wanted you to be. Now you can be exatcly who you want to be. You take knowledge from what’s been and use it to build a new, better self.

Okay, got a little deep there but as Andie and I both had to live with is that you can’t plan everything in your life and sometimes you just has to take a journey on the roller-coaster that’s life not knowing when you’re getting of or where it’s heading. So since you strapped in for the ride at least you can stick your arms up in the sky and enjoy the ride.

Has you read the book yet? What did you think? Did you relate to Andie to or was she like an alien to you? I love to know so just write down below.

♥ Caroline