Like a Princess – Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

SDC10545I don’t buy new make-up very often, and when I do it’s often just to replace my old one with a fresh new of the same kind. A few new buys here and there, like trying a new lipstick or a new mascara when my old one is in need to be switched out. So there’s not really much new, fancy make-up things to blog about.

But now here’s a treat for you, cause a a while back I decided to try the Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara, and now I think I’ve used it long enough to review it properly.
So after used it as my daily go-to mascara I can happily say that I really like it! It just sits pretty much all of the day, makes my eyes seem so much bigger thanks to it’s extending quality, making my eyelashes at least twice as long as they usually are which really opens up my eyes.

Another big bonus is the price, $4.99, a cheap price for a great budget product and my new mascara love!

♥ Carolineimage

Feeling comfortable in your clothes

IMG_6907Like the rest of my appearance it took some years to find a style that I both liked and felt comfortable in. I tried to dress like everyone else not to stick out, but a lot of the time I didn’t feel comfortable and it showed.

Slowly over time I’ve started to ignore what other likes and only go for those clothes that I like, and actually can see myself wear.
Like a thing that now resident in my wardrobe is shorts, until about a year ago I had never own a pair of short. Well not since i was a little kid, and has these cotton shorts at home.
Another thing I’ve come to discover is that when it comes to pants, I need to have high waist. Normal waist doesn’t work for me, they always glides down (even when I have a belt in them) and they are just unconformable. But since going over to High waist I feel more confident, as they shows of my slim belly and works great with crop tops they’re a win for me.

Yes, I have a soft spot from crop tops, and dresses. The last one may not be super practical and that I have to remind myself whenever I shop. I will use some pretty tops a lot more than a dress. But I still have a nice collection of different dresses for when time will require them.

My everyday style is mostly jeans, a romatic-ish top/crop top, and converse/flats.

♥ Caroline

Let’s get organized

imageFor many years I had all of my make-up in an old ice cream plastic jar. Not the most glamorous or pretty thing to have it in but it prevented my make-up from laying all over the bathroom. Before all my make-up laid everywhere and it was like going on a scavenger hunt at 6am to find what I needed. Sure, having all in that jar also meant a 6am scavenger hunt for my mascara but at least now I knew that it would be in there, so I just had to keep digging. [Read more…]