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Review: One by Sarah Crossan

SDC10520I have never read anything by Sarah Crossan before, I haven’t even heard of her before. But when I read the premise of the book on the publishers website it sounded so interesting I needed to read it. But with no idea what to expect of it. (more…)

Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

SDC10525Initially I wasn’t very excited about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Why?
#1: I would rather have had a book about Hogwarts during the marauders map, or a book that more follows the life at Hogwarts in the 2010’s.
#2: A work-a-holic Harry Potter who isn’t winning dad of the year isn’t really something that made me go “OMG, I need to read this RIGHT NOW!”.
#3: It’s in script form, and with my bad experience trying to read ‘A Midsomer Night dream’ I wasn’t pumped about this.

But as the Harry Potter nerd that I am, I had to read it no matter what. I just had to. So I did and…
It wasn’t like even half as bad as I thought going in. Sure adult Harry is pretty annoying, and I could have lived without having his constant grumbling over where he did go wrong with his son Albus.
So the bits with Albus and his best friend Scorpius is the better parts of this story, but Albus never had my love.
There’s just something about his dumb and head strong behavior that put me of him.
Scorpius on the other hand is a whole other story. Oh my, he’s just such a cutie that need to be curled into a blanket and protected from the cruel world. He’s kind, smart, very nerdy, and with an amazing sense of right and wrong. He’s my favorite hands down. Also now we finally have a kind hearted and smart Slytherin, and as a proud Slytherin I’m absolutely. delighted.
I also have to mention Rose Grainger-Weasley, the worst fricking student there ever was, I just hate her so much. I have so much bad feelings about her that I just needed to vent a little bit about.

At another note, is someone else really pumped about the upcoming Fantastic beasts and where to find them movie? I was excited before and when they announced that Eddie Redmayne was to portray Newt Scarmander my life felt complete.

♥ Caroline

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