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Tsum Tsum -My favourite go-to tsums

Tsum_Tsum_logoSo much time i spends playing Tsum Tsum there’s no wonder I have gained a few favorite under this last year since I first began playing it. Now it’s time to present them to the world, in the order that I first meet them (plus two specials).

There have been three tsums that’s been my ultimate guys to play with (when there isn’t some task or something like that).
*Rapunzel – This gal was my first ultimate tsum, I used her all the time since her ability to connect to connect a long chain of tsums to clear a few Bingo missions. It was also perfect for racking up scores and coins.
*Ariel – Then came Ariel and for about a whole year she was my go to tsum. She’s the only tsum I’ve raised to level 50 (the currently highest tsum level), since she was the only one I was interesting to invest coins into. Thanks to her I got over 2 million points!
*Bridal Rapunzel – Since she was introduced back in July she’s the one I’ve been constantly plying with. Like she’s awesome! Just the other week I managed to gain over 4,7 million(!) points with her. ♥

But that was just three, and there’s two more on the photo so what about them? Well that I will explain now.
The three above is the ones I uses all the time when playing, but sometimes there’s tasks where I need to use other tsums. Most I only use for some specific task but here’s two I uses more than any others and I thought that they deserved some recognition.
**Thumper and Miss Bunny – Suitable isn’t it, the other two’s also happens to be love birds ♥
But for real these two are just fantastic. With Thumper I can activate his skills around 10-12 times a play (record is 15) and Miss Bunny produces bubbles, but not only regular bubbles but also Item bubbles!

♥ Caroline

Slime Rancher

I’ve had watched so many let’s plays of this game, and with every video I’d wanted to play it so much more badly than I did before. So I got the game and started playing and…

…Okey, that’s it! Now I’m throwing these pink dudes into the sea! Because I was gone just a few hours and when I got back the pink slimes had escaped their pen and got into the coop pen and eaten up all of my hens & chickens! It’s just so frustrating, those greedy bitches. Even out in the wild they eat them before I get a chance to stop them. I Just hear the munching sound and thinking “Alright, who of you bastards just ate my chicken?”.

Also there’s no map so I go the wrong way and get completely lost all the time which is not fun, especially in the dark.

Like they’re super cute, but already after 5 minutes they got pretty annoying. Especially when the big ones throws themselves in front of my vacpack. Also the stony slimes targets me and rolls on me all the time. I’m sure they hate me. Some of those devils just blow up on top of me, they corned me and ‘passed out’ me… Also I tried to get rid of the tarrs, but one time they pushed me of the edge and other time they gang killed me.

Well I though that this was gonna be a calm, sweet and very cute game. Instead it’s like the worst rage game, ever!
Overall it wasn’t nearly as fun as I thought that it was going to be, it’s isn’t me a thrill or a real sense of competitive in me, like I had felt with Stardew Valley and other games I’ve played. I now, most of this comes down to my own taste och bad gaming skills, but I will continue to find games I’m good at. If this sounds funny to you then just play it, we’re all good and likes different things 🙂

♥ Caroline

Behind the Doors – Tsum Tsum Villian’s challenge

eventNovembers Tsum Tsum event is here, and it’s all about beating the badies!
We get the typical map with missions one must clear if any progress can happen. Here we have three different doors villians to beat. The red one, with the Evil Queen, is the easiest one out of them and then the purple (with Ursula) is harder while the green (with Dragon Maleficent) has the hardest missions.
If you play with the Snow White (red), Ariel (purple) or Aurora (green) tsum tsums you get an extra bonus as a help in trying to finish the mission.

I used Snow White basically for every mission behind the red door, and since Ariel is one of my favorite tsums to play with so I als used her a lot. But Aurora didn’t do anything for me, don’t know if here skill level is just to low or because she has the hardest missions, but either way her skill doesn’t adds up to the missions. I think I only used her for 2 missions (including the one where beating Dragon Maleficent).

Anyway, this one was fun but a bit to short for my taste. Like I finished every mission in 3 days, even then spending a lot of my time at lessons in school and didn’t buy any extra hearts. Bit of a bumer really, I had hoped for a longer event. So not one of my top 3 favorite events I can tell you that.

♥ Caroline

Kitty cat apps

imageI love cats, well no real surprise there. Since there are more cat lovers than me out there app stores are full of cat apps and games. But only two has found their way onto my phone, Neko Atsume and Kleptocats.

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