This might be a surprise to some, but I actually loves food. I’m just hardly ever hungry and because of that I don’t eat very often or appears into food.
Anyway, yesterday I went to a International Food Market and everything just looked so good! And it smelled super delicious too.
Crêpes, Paella, French stews, French pastries, and Dutch cheeses. Well among others.
In the end I chosed the Crocodile burger from the Australian stand, which was super delicious, and British fudge. Yummy.

♥ Caroline

Tweets not for me

I’m just terrible at tweeting, there’s noway it can get across the thing I want to tell every one in just 140 characters.

I’m excellent at really expressing things with words and can stretch something that other people writes in two sentences to almost a whole page. I know a lot of words and how to use them to fill out a text. Brilliant for essays, horrible for twitter.

It just ain’t in my nature to write short, snappy texts. This makes my tweets come across as pretty ‘correct’ and ‘boring’. Which leads to me scrolling through twitter crying over the fact that I can’t write good tweets.
But in the end in my case it’s better this way, because it would be awful to write a blog when you only can write in 140 characters or less.
Well at least that’s what I tell myself to feel better.

♥ Caroline

Dear diary: Marsipan decoration galore!

NaghmnlösI’m so tired right now, because the last two days I’ve been working non-stop making decoration for a huge 6ft long canoe cake with a Hawaii theme. We we’re supposed to be three people on this cake, one sculpting the actual cake and the other two making the decoration. But the third person was sick so I had to make decoration for two.
Thursday I only had a 30 min pause (which was lunch) and yesterday I didn’t got a break until the cake was all done.

I made so many marsipan fruits that I now never will make another one ever again! So many bananas, oranges, clementines, limes, lemons and dragon fruits, my own creation ♥
I also made hibiscus inspired flowers to really give a true Hawaii feel to the cake.
It was a lot of hard work, but the end result was amazing (especially considering we were only two people working on it) and everyone was very impressed with it, so I’m happy 🙂

♥ Caroline

Things I love with fall

IMG_7268Whenever I’ve been asked which season is my favorite Fall is the the answer. But then again no season really is my favorite, though I find Summer the least worst it’s still not my favorite. Every season has i pros and cons, but fall gets often lost among the cons. It’s cold, and rains so fricking much (and I hate to get wet). So today I’m gonna write some of the pros with Fall. [Read more…]