Like a deer in a headlight

IMG_9960Like many other people once upon a time I thought about starting a YouTube channel.
I tried a few different things. First I tried to be a Sims player, I had planed a full series and made a few videos. It was to be The Bachelorette challenge, and I actually made tiny introduction videos for all of the contestants. I even had recorded a couple of game plays. But the biggest problem was recording the audio. I just felt like I wasn’t funny enough, and since I have a pretty light voice. So that idea was eventually scrapped.

My second attempt to become a youtuber  was to have be a booktuber. The small problem with not wanting to appear on screen was solved by taking of of my plushies, an adorable bunny and have her as the star of the show. I actually recorded around 4 minute  of actual video footage and I actually recorded voice-over. I even edited the video together. But her I came across the trouble. It was hard to get proper footage that was interesting that wasn’t just the same old things, because there aren’t that many different things you can do with a soft bunny and a book. Like we filmed so much, but when I edited it all together it was around 3:02 minute sod footage, and it was pretty boring to watch. So that was scrapped to.

My third and last attempt was to put myself in front of the camera. Because the best way to overcome your fear is do it. So that I did and… I looked like a dear in headlights. Seriously, my eyes looked everywhere except at the camera, I looked terrified and I was really bad watching. So that was the end to making it on YouTube.

The reason I wanted to be a youtuber was that I have all these stories I want to share, and becoming a vloger felt like the perfect idea. But when that failed, thrice, I realized that there was still a way to share my stories, but in a way I knew I was comfortable with and that was blogging. I’ve always been good at writing, and find it so much easier to express myself in the written form.
So that’s how I ended up on her 🙂

♥ Caroline

Danger of school

imageSchool is dangerous, let’s just put it out there but going on a occupation program (direct translate there) makes it even more so. [Read more…]

Terror of an weird insect creature

Last week I was just sitting in my bed when all the sudden I felt this tiny pressure on my hand, I look over on it and saw this black creature there. I smashed my hand right over it since I thought it was just a fly. But when it didn’t move I actually shriek, and I never screams but at that moment the fear was real. I thought it was a spider but it had wings but I really had to knock it of my hand before i flew away. Then it terrorized my mother, she thought to at the start that it was a spider but then it flew and hell no, not a spider.
I kind of think it actually was an ant that somehow accidentally came indoor, since some ants has wings especially at the end of summer. But my father also encounted this strange insect and he thought it was a fly/spider mix. So, perhaps we should have capture it since it can have been some strange hybrid creature. Maybe it was like the spider that bite Peter Parker, I could have become Spider-girl. Swung from ceilings and shooting white substance from my hand… On second thought I think it’s good it was released out in the wild.

Has anyone else encounted something like this strange thing? Would you like to turn into Sprider-man/girl/woman/cat et.c. ?

♥ Caroline