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Terror of an weird insect creature

Last week I was just sitting in my bed when all the sudden I felt this tiny pressure on my hand, I look over on it and saw this black creature there. I smashed my hand right over it since I thought it was just a fly. But when it didn’t move I actually shriek, and I never screams but at that moment the fear was real. I thought it was a spider but it had wings but I really had to knock it of my hand before i flew away. Then it terrorized my mother, she thought to at the start that it was a spider but then it flew and hell no, not a spider.
I kind of think it actually was an ant that somehow accidentally came indoor, since some ants has wings especially at the end of summer. But my father also encounted this strange insect and he thought it was a fly/spider mix. So, perhaps we should have capture it since it can have been some strange hybrid creature. Maybe it was like the spider that bite Peter Parker, I could have become Spider-girl. Swung from ceilings and shooting white substance from my hand… On second thought I think it’s good it was released out in the wild.

Has anyone else encounted something like this strange thing? Would you like to turn into Sprider-man/girl/woman/cat et.c. ?

♥ Caroline