Behind the Doors – Tsum Tsum Villian’s challenge

eventNovembers Tsum Tsum event is here, and it’s all about beating the badies!
We get the typical map with missions one must clear if any progress can happen. Here we have three different doors villians to beat. The red one, with the Evil Queen, is the easiest one out of them and then the purple (with Ursula) is harder while the green (with Dragon Maleficent) has the hardest missions.
If you play with the Snow White (red), Ariel (purple) or Aurora (green) tsum tsums you get an extra bonus as a help in trying to finish the mission.

I used Snow White basically for every mission behind the red door, and since Ariel is one of my favorite tsums to play with so I als used her a lot. But Aurora didn’t do anything for me, don’t know if here skill level is just to low or because she has the hardest missions, but either way her skill doesn’t adds up to the missions. I think I only used her for 2 missions (including the one where beating Dragon Maleficent).

Anyway, this one was fun but a bit to short for my taste. Like I finished every mission in 3 days, even then spending a lot of my time at lessons in school and didn’t buy any extra hearts. Bit of a bumer really, I had hoped for a longer event. So not one of my top 3 favorite events I can tell you that.

♥ Caroline

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