Kitty cat apps

imageI love cats, well no real surprise there. Since there are more cat lovers than me out there app stores are full of cat apps and games. But only two has found their way onto my phone, Neko Atsume and Kleptocats.

The first one, Neko Atsume is not a game but basically a thing you check from now and then to see if any new cats have visited your backyard. It’s kind of fun at the beginning, but after some week it’s really starts to be a pain in the back. Because what can you do when you have an excessive amount of money but has already bought everything in the store, and how hard you try you can’t get those last 6-8 cats. Some of them are even ‘normal’ but no matter what you do they won’t come. It’s very frustning and boring so at this point I just deleted the app and still no remorse over it. But it was fun while it lasted.

Enter the second one, Kleptocats (showed in the picture above). This game I heard about on Instagram actually and like Neko Atsume it was fun at first. Because even though it’s not really a ‘game’ when your cat is out collecting an item/coins for you you can actually play a mini game that will give you coins. So while you wait you can actually earn more coins, thumbs up for that. But… after some time it’s gets pretty dull just taping the paws and the amount of coins you gains is not so great in comparison of the time you put into it. At this time I was ready to end my relationship with Kleptocats, I had all the items in the first room so. But then I noticed that when everything was collected in the first room the second room becomes free. Now my interest started coming back, and when I realized that the mini game in the second room is so much funnier than the first one. You have to tap diffrent food so it lands in this cat king on a cloud mouth, and they are worth different points. It’s really addictive and have a such better time/coins ratio (also you can get gem in this mini game ^^).

So now I have 10 more items left in the second room, now I just wonders if the third room will be free when everything is collected in Room 2? Well I’ve noticed that the gem price has shrunk over time when more items have been gathered. Also will there be a new mini game in Room 3?

♥ Caroline

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