Disney apps

imageI’m not a person with a lot of entertainment apps on my phone, or a lot of apps at all really. I think this comes from the fact that I used to have an 8gb phone before and there just wasn’t a lot of space for apps on it.

But now I have an 64gb phone so now I have swim in apps, but I don’t. I’m kind of a pickish person and something has really get to my attention for me to get it, so that might also be an reason…

Anyways, right now I have two ‘fun’ apps on my phone and oddly enough both is Disney related. Well I love Disney movies and the classic characters but still.

Firstly we have an old favourite of mine, Tsum Tsum. This game is so frickin cute! It’s your typical connect 3 or more of the same kind to make them disappear game, but the thing that makes it stand out is the tsums. Tsums is the adorable symmetrical versions of Disney characters that you can put on top of each other (you might have seen them). I have actually four in real life (yes you can get these cuties in real life *heart eyes*). It’s just so cute and fun, especially now that they have a new event every month where you can get awards and supercool pins (I’m somewhat of an collector so these in game pins are right up my alley).

The other one is called Magic Kingdoms and is basically you building your own Disney park. You have to complete quests and unlock both new areas and characters to progress in the story. It’s not a game that you play like Tsum Tsum but it’s a nice thing to check on through out the day, and it’s probably the nearest I’ll ever get to a Disney park so that’s my life. Plus it doesn’t need an internet connection to work or uses alot of the battery, which is two wins for me.

Has any of you guys played on of these? Which is your favourite Tsum?

♥ Caroline