Gamer in disguise

angryI’ve never seen myself a gamer, or even someone who actually really enjoys playing video games. Sure I’ve played a lot of Sims 2 and harvest moon in my days, and it’s kind of fun to drive over pixelated people in GTA. But that’s it, and that how it always been and always will be. Wrong!

My friend is a gamer and a few months back I was introduced to Stardew Valley. I was hooked from the first minute and played it every waking hour that weekend. I was so into the game that I forgot a lot of things, I liked it that much. This lead to me beginning to play minecraft with my friend and another classmate, again instantly hooked. It was at this time I also noticed that the majority of the youtube channels was video game related. I also found a lot of other games I wanted to play.

It’s great that I’ve discoved something new I really liked, but you can understand that moment I had when I understand that I wasn’t just a book nerd. I like to play video games too o.O
And it’s isn’t just a new thing, one evenie while in my bed a very oppressed memory made its way to the surface. Back when I was 11/13 I was obsessed with this game called Runescape, I played it every day after school for over two years. I loved it and the world it contained. But with everything that happend after that I guess I just blocked it from my mind. But thanks to my friends I’ve discovered a part off that was lost for so long.
Now I can’t help to wonder, what else is there for me to rediscover?

♥ Caroline