Slime Rancher

I’ve had watched so many let’s plays of this game, and with every video I’d wanted to play it so much more badly than I did before. So I got the game and started playing and…

…Okey, that’s it! Now I’m throwing these pink dudes into the sea! Because I was gone just a few hours and when I got back the pink slimes had escaped their pen and got into the coop pen and eaten up all of my hens & chickens! It’s just so frustrating, those greedy bitches. Even out in the wild they eat them before I get a chance to stop them. I Just hear the munching sound and thinking “Alright, who of you bastards just ate my chicken?”.

Also there’s no map so I go the wrong way and get completely lost all the time which is not fun, especially in the dark.

Like they’re super cute, but already after 5 minutes they got pretty annoying. Especially when the big ones throws themselves in front of my vacpack. Also the stony slimes targets me and rolls on me all the time. I’m sure they hate me. Some of those devils just blow up on top of me, they corned me and ‘passed out’ me… Also I tried to get rid of the tarrs, but one time they pushed me of the edge and other time they gang killed me.

Well I though that this was gonna be a calm, sweet and very cute game. Instead it’s like the worst rage game, ever!
Overall it wasn’t nearly as fun as I thought that it was going to be, it’s isn’t me a thrill or a real sense of competitive in me, like I had felt with Stardew Valley and other games I’ve played. I now, most of this comes down to my own taste och bad gaming skills, but I will continue to find games I’m good at. If this sounds funny to you then just play it, we’re all good and likes different things 🙂

♥ Caroline

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