Tsum Tsum -My favourite go-to tsums

Tsum_Tsum_logoSo much time i spends playing Tsum Tsum there’s no wonder I have gained a few favorite under this last year since I first began playing it. Now it’s time to present them to the world, in the order that I first meet them (plus two specials).

There have been three tsums that’s been my ultimate guys to play with (when there isn’t some task or something like that).
*Rapunzel – This gal was my first ultimate tsum, I used her all the time since her ability to connect to connect a long chain of tsums to clear a few Bingo missions. It was also perfect for racking up scores and coins.
*Ariel – Then came Ariel and for about a whole year she was my go to tsum. She’s the only tsum I’ve raised to level 50 (the currently highest tsum level), since she was the only one I was interesting to invest coins into. Thanks to her I got over 2 million points!
*Bridal Rapunzel – Since she was introduced back in July she’s the one I’ve been constantly plying with. Like she’s awesome! Just the other week I managed to gain over 4,7 million(!) points with her. ♥

But that was just three, and there’s two more on the photo so what about them? Well that I will explain now.
The three above is the ones I uses all the time when playing, but sometimes there’s tasks where I need to use other tsums. Most I only use for some specific task but here’s two I uses more than any others and I thought that they deserved some recognition.
**Thumper and Miss Bunny – Suitable isn’t it, the other two’s also happens to be love birds ♥
But for real these two are just fantastic. With Thumper I can activate his skills around 10-12 times a play (record is 15) and Miss Bunny produces bubbles, but not only regular bubbles but also Item bubbles!

♥ Caroline

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