Tsum Tsum November – The Villians are here!

imageIt’s a new month and you know what that means? New characters in Tsum Tsum!

As we creep steadily into darker times it’s very fitting that the new characters for the month of November is three dark and evil Disney Villians.

We got Ursula from The Little Mermaid, The Evil Queen (really, she hasn’t a real name? Please give here one) from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Dragon Malifiencent from Sleeping Beauty.

Time to see how good these badies skills are in the game ?

  • Ursula – This lovely lady creates a big circle which is really effective direct from start. It’s very easy to rack up high points  and coins with her, and once she’s, let’s say, level 3 in skill I think she will be a real Sea Witch.
  • The Evil Queen – creates two apples that explodes into two lines, taking all the tsums over and under with it. I really love the effects on this one, it’s simple yet lovely with the whole apple animation. You’d think that with these exploding (poisonous) apples you would get a lot of tsums with that move but that’s not the case. Perhaps this will improve with higher skill levels, but at the basic skill I’m not impressed.
  • Dragon Malificent – Clears surrounded Tsum along with the connected ones. Only based on the description this Tsum would be a total Beast! But in reality not so much. For starters this Tsum takes ages to charge and ones you finally done that you have to connect the tsums yourself to get any effect out of it, and with the fact that you get somewhat confused since some gets cleared along with the connected one and only  have 4 seconds to do so (Level 1 skill), it’s a huge thumb down for this Tsum.

Now I’m really looking forward to this months special event, just to see what it is. Like every month they somehow manage to make them more interesting, challenging and creating. They really spice up the game and changes the pace from the boring ‘same old’ play style. Because here we get challenges and something to fight for. So let’s see what The Villians Challenge plays out shall we?

❤️ Caroline

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