Dear blog: A good day

imageThis is my first personal diary-ish entry on here. Mostly I tell my life through different random stories and such.
But what I’ve been through today just made me feel like I just wanted to share a good day with you all.

Since I study to become a pastry chef I need to have internship at bakeries and starting on Monday I will go out on a four week internship.
So today was the day to visit the place I’m gonna be at, and I was so fricking nervous.
I’m not very good at meeting new people and this wasn’t just a casual meeting. No this place is one of best bakery in the county and I was terrified that I would make a completely fool of myself. That they wouldn’t want me there at all, leaving me an huge failure.

It didn’t help that my brother who was supposed to come with me, had to go on a meeting at the exactly same time, leaving me all alone to deal with this.
On my way to the bakery I tried to think positive and give myself a good peptalk.

Happily it did go very well. I got to know all the details, managed to be both positive and somewhat social, plus didn’t say something wrong or fall on the ground (it had happen).

I was so happy that it had gone so well that I awarded myself with an large Caramel frapino while waiting on my buss. In the bright sunlight it was the perfect award to give my self esteem a huge hug.
You know that you’re feeling kind of good when you ride by a sign saying ‘The lowest point’ and thinking to yourself “Not anymore”.
Today was a good day 🙂

♥ Caroline

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