Things I love with fall

IMG_7268Whenever I’ve been asked which season is my favorite Fall is the the answer. But then again no season really is my favorite, though I find Summer the least worst it’s still not my favorite. Every season has i pros and cons, but fall gets often lost among the cons. It’s cold, and rains so fricking much (and I hate to get wet). So today I’m gonna write some of the pros with Fall.

1: Apple pie. I just love home made apple pie, it’s just so yummy ♥u♥.
Where I live the apples is only works for apple pie is done in October, so it’s a fall treat.

2: Knitted sweaters.
Sure, one of the reasons I like summer so much is that I doesn’t have to wear a lot of clothes. It’s hard to put on, and it’s gets so warm that the sweat is literally dripping from me (nice image there). But this time a year I can year the lose knitted sweaters that’s really cute and stylish. Then comes winter and it’s layer upon layers *sigh*.

3: Leaves.
One of my favorite subjects to photograph is nature, there’s just so much beauty out there. In fall it’s especially pretty with all the different colors from the leaves. Reds, oranges, yellows, browns, greens… So much color that perfectly goes together and makes everywhere you look a new experience.

4. Reading.
I read all year round, but in fall it’s actually socially acceptable to spend a cold and rainy day inside under your blanket reading a book and drinking warm chocolate.

So that’s some of my pros with fall. What’s yours? Is fall your favorite season so everything is a good thing for you?

♥ Caroline