Danger of school

imageSchool is dangerous, let’s just put it out there but going on a occupation program (direct translate there) makes it even more so.

I live in Sweden and here we go first 10 years of ‘basic school’ (no idé what other to call it). After that we go to something called Gymnasiet (basically like high school). There you can chose two major alignments. Either one that educates you towards university with mostly theoretical lessons. The other is an occupation program and as the title says it teaches you an occupation so when you graduate you can start working direct. Now with that backstory I think I can now continue with the story without everyone getting confused.

So I study to become a baker/pastry chef and first day back after summer break we had to put out everything we put away before the summer. Meaning all the flour and stuff getting taken out of the freezer, and outing the shelves back into the fridges. None of this is superhard just mostly boring.

But the ‘fun’ thing happend when I had get the carriage-ish thing for the syrup back into the bakery. The reason we need those to the syrup is as simple as the are so large and heavy (especially for a small girl like me) to carry out every time we need them.

Well everything was going great until on one of them the handle let go and this big chunk of metal came crashing down right above my knee. The pain was horrible and already an hour later I could are the skin turning dark purple so it was a bad one. Sure enough, by the evening I had this very lovely dark purple circle bruise above my knee, making it painful to get down and then up again (which was awful the next day in the bakery). The oddest thing though was the shape of it, it was  thick circle but the centre was untouched. It was kinda like it had taken the shape of the thing that it, only that couldn’t be the case since the thing that hit it was so much larger it had only hit with the side. Weird.

And if you want me to further explain the Swedish school system (it’s harder than I thought) I can do so in another post.

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