Journey to me #1: Likes shouldn’t equal self-worth

IMG_0233Like doesn’t equal love, and you shouldn’t base your self-worth on how many likes you have on Instagram or comments either for that matter. I know that, but it’s hard not to feel unloved when you see everyone else in your social circle gets a zillion likes and a handful of comments on the line of ‘you’re prettiest/goals’, when you get 3 likes on your selfie and no comment at all.

I try not to let it affect me, and right now it doesn’t really, some days it’s hard to see all other get’s told how pretty they are and no one tells you that. But as Melanie Martinez sings in her song Cry Baby ‘You take things so hard and then you fall apart‘.
It’s also the reason why my Facebook looks like death valley,  like there’s no pictures on there and defiantly not a selfie. Why? Because I’m so used to getting ignored and there’s no worse feeling than everyone ignoring you, and your photos, while pouring love and likes on someone else’s. So if I don’t put anything on there they can’t ignore me, right? Fool proof idea there.

But if people comments on my photos or comments on them shouldn’t matter, because then they aren’t really my friends and I shouldn’t matter. I wish I didn’t but I do, and until I feel strong enough to stand with my head held high when it comes to that kinds of things, I’ll just stay on Instagram. Hey, there at least I get some love and feel more comfortable sharing my photos and selfies. A baby step at a time, Rome wasn’t build on a day.

♥ Caroline