Journey to me #2: Show the love

imageI’ve always seen myself as really boring, mostly because I love to read and isn’t overly social. Also it didn’t help that people always said I was soo boring and never wanted to hang out with me.
So as with so many other things, I decided that it was easiest just to come to term with the fact and tell everybody how freaking boring I was. As a safety thing, so we doesn’t become friends and then they discovers how boring I am and then dumps me. Like, it felt like the wiser option to take the bullet right away.

But here’s the thing, if you treat yourself and the things you love like shit, why would anyone else treat it differently? Luckily the people around the past year isn’t horrible human beings, and especially my friend always tells me that I’m not boring and do things. That’s a feeling I used to get a lot last term, everyone told about all the things they’d done and places they had visit. While I have never left the country and spends most of my free time in my room (side effect of being an introvert and friendless). But thankfully, my friend never took my bait of bullshit, and told the truth and only now I get that they said what they meant.
Don’t try to put yourself out there as boring, or try to get people to ‘confirm’ the things your think they think about you by playing it into their mouths

The thing is, don’t downplay the things you love, by doing that you give it no worth at in the others eyes. But here’s the thing, you love that thing for a reason and you should not be ashamed of the things you love.
People is drawn to passionate people, and even if the may not like the same thing as you do, they can still enjoy to hear about it from someone who loves it. My friend doesn’t like books at all, but once they told me when we didn’t know what t talk about ‘Tell me about your books’. I was surprised and tried to down play it but the continued with ‘I may not like books, but I like hearing you talk about it’, aw ♥

So love the things you love with all of your heart, and don’t try to turn it into a bad thing. You are you, with everything you love and you are great that way. I’m not boring because I love books, I’m actually a very high intellectual person with a big vocabulary and feeling for languages and grammar.

Be proud over the things that make you♥♥♥

♥ Caroline