Thinking positively

IMG_0083We all have those days when everything feels like shit and there’s no light in the dark tunnel. For some it lasts just for a short while but for others it can be a friend that’s always lurking in the background.
I’m the latter and today I’ve come a long way on my journey to self love. Not everyday is great and it hasn’t been easy. But the amazingly long way I’ve come from hating every part of my self to mostly acceptans and love has been an a fantastic journey. In the last two years I’ve come so far that sometimes I can’t really believe it myself. But I just love it, because the more you love yourself the more love you can accept from others.

Here’s just a few small things to keep in mind for both you and me:
*Not everyday can be great, and you can’t feel great or even just ‘fine’ at all times. Some days are just shit and you shouldn’t feel bad for having a bad day. A bad day doesn’t equal you.
*You’re NOT weak for breaking down. It doesn’t matter how many times it happens but the important thing isn’t to always keep yourself together but to be able to pick up yourself after every time. You are stronger than them.
*It’s not a bad thing to be a ‘cry baby’. I cry super easily, even at times when I have no single clue about why I do it. I’m a sensitive person who isn’t very good a talking about things and crying is a way to express feelings I can’t express otherwise.
*You’re strong for geting up everyday. For getting on the bus. For just saying “Hi” to your classmates. Sure it may not seem like big things to others but for us even being able to do the small things is a glorious victory that deserves a clap on the shoulder. You did something that to you was hard, and that makes you awesome.
*Sometimes you just need to trust other and tell them how you feel about things. It might feel like you’re expressing your feelings but others may not pick up on them. Because we can’t truly see how we look at all times and some of us just have a resting bitch face, even when it feels like we showing feelings. Don’t go around each other thinking the other doesn’t like or understands you. Instead speak to each other, even if it might be hard.

Because usually things aren’t really so bad that our minds make it out to be.

♥ Caroline